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T & S Better Mobile Homes LLC

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T & S Better Mobile Homes a company that treats you with respect and offers real solutions to buyers, sellers and those looking for residual or passive income opportunities.  The company is owned and operated by a disabled veteran and military retiree. We'll make sure we find the right solution for you!!

ontact via email: info-t-and-s-better-mobilehomes@pls24-real-estate-inv.com
or go to our "Guestbook" page and leave us a note about the solution you are seeking. 

Here are few of the services we offer:

1) Find you a quality used mobile home in a park or find a mobile home located on land for you to purchase either on financing on terms or sell it to you for a bargain cash price.
2) Make a cash offer for your mobile home you are trying to sell.
3) Offer several options or solutions for residual or passive income by investing in mobile homes with our company, and
4) Consulting and forming profitable partnerships!!!

We will show you why T & S Better Mobile Homes LLC is better than any other mobile home company you'll have come to know.  At least we think buyers, sellers and those who choose to invest with us will come to agree that our company goes the extra mile to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack as it regards other mobile home companies. 

Our company is located in state of Virginia and headed by a retired military and disabled veteran who execute the company's business plan from the Northern Virginia area.

We'll make use of the latest current on-the-shelf technology, but we will especially emphasize the personal touch in providing better service to our clientele.
We invite each of you to comment at our "Guestbook" at anytime! Just click on the tab for the Guestbook and leave us a comment or testmonial.  Or let us know what we can do for you!!!

Above all an important to us we want you to feel good in doing business with T & S Better Mobile Homes LLC, whether as a buyer, seller or an investor. At any rate, I think you'll come to know us as the better mobile home company. Thanks and best always!!!
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